What is the best thing to look at before a long trip? We look at the some of the most recommended tips in this month's emailer, plus a recap on the New England Forest Rally!!

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Mountain Roo Newsletter | August 2019


New England Forest Rally was quite a different trip from the last few! Nate got to join Vic on the adventures this time and they had a Crocin' good time!* Outside of rocking Crocs all week, the managed to get some trail clean up and adventures in with all the local MtnRoo-ers and the Ambassador friends they made. 

Muscatell Ojibwe Forests Rally was just a few days ago, and Jason and Jan tagged along to capture some of the adventures, which included MtnRoo and Subaru Ambassador friends all paddling on a lake during some downtime.


STPR | September 13-14th, 2019

Subiefest California + Gorman | October 12-13th

We personally invite you to join at your own pace and make the trek to either event!

 We will be posting our adventures on our Instagram like last time, so if you can't make it, we hope you'll tune in on the fun!



Photo by Colby Ray on Unsplash

What is it we typically do when we think about getting ready for a road trip? The first few things that come to mind are things like, not forgetting a toothbrush, phone charger, forms of entertainment and a variety of snacks. What doesn’t usually come to the forefront of the preparation ritual tends to be preparing your vehicle for time away from home, which leans more towards irony when considering the fact that most depend entirely on their car to get them to their highly anticipated location.

β€” Kristen F. (@dolphinley)

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Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

After two kids, spanning 20 years of camping, I’ve been through it all. Camping with kids initially starts off pretty easy, especially when they are in the toddler years. They generally don’t eat a lot, or require a lot of things, and love being outside as much as we do. Kids’ natural curiosity towards nature is great and you get to share what you know with them. 

As a quick guide through the stages: this is what I did the past decades of camping with kids. It is by no means all-inclusive, or a manual.

β€” Jason Osborne (@iluvdrt_oz)

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This month we feature one of the three partners at MtnRoo: Victor May

Victor, also known as Vic, first got into Subarus when his roommate and friend needed some help making her WRX Wagon more adventure friendly. After some research he set off on lifting her Subaru, and through some trial and error, they finally made it to some trails.

Subaru and car enthusiast all around, Vic is also a dog father, loves nature and an avid foodie. He's been working hard and holding two jobs, fufilling and managing orders for MtnRoo and hosting the Subaru Ambassador Rally Tour almost once a month!

Keep it up Vic! (@zero__roo)

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